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"You believed me when no one else did."

"When I first came to you for my sexual harassment case, I couldn’t stop crying, but you believed me when no one else did and fought like a gladiator for me. I now feel strong and empowered. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

S. C., Sexual Harassment Victim

"You taught me to feel confident"

"I was so scared to call you about my sexual harassment, but from our first conversation we talked I felt so comfortable and safe. And then it was all about “action” to get the wrongs righted, and you did! You have taught me to feel confident and exactly what to do if I am ever sexually harassed again and this has made so much difference to me. I feel wonderful. I feel so lucky I contacted you."

R. C., Sexual Harassment Victim

"You made it so easy and supportive for me"

"You guys are the best! I know I was a mess when I got the guts to call you but you made it so easy and supportive for me and definitely took care of business. Wow. I feel I have a new family!"

J. H., Sexual Harassment Victim

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